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Civil Partnership Celebrations

My heart has made it's mind up and I'm afraid it's you!

Extract from Valentine by Wendy Cope

I want to celebrate my life with you....

Whilst you may not want to be ‘married’ and have chosen to formally legalise your relationship with a Civil partnership, this does not mean you cannot celebrate your commitment to each other with your friends and family.

Your Civil partnership celebration can include commitment vows, poetry, prayers, and music – this is your celebration, this is your choice.

Your perfect celebration....

A Civil Partnership Celebration is not legally binding, the legal paper work would have to be completed at the Register office before or just after your ceremony with me.  

Your ceremony can be as individual as you are and can:

* be held at any venue, indoor or outdoor - no licence required

* Include any content that is personal to you both, including religious script - perfect if you are from different faiths

* Be as traditional or as unconventional as you like

* Choose the music you both love

* Write your own vows or promises

* Include a symbolic action such as lighting a unity candle

* Include your guests in the ceremony

Do you have lots of thoughts running around your head about celebrating your commitment?

I am here to listen to your likes and dislikes and will create a ceremony that is truly personal to you both.  I can weave in your ideas, your own words, and your music choices.  This is your special day, and it will be a privilege to celebrate with you.

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