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Symbolic Actions!

A symbolic action can add depth and meaning to your ceremony.

They can make all your guests feel included and evoke a great sense of emotion.

Candle, candle burning bright...........

Candles symbolise light and warmth.  They can be used to welcome a child and wish it a bright future.  A blended family may wish to light a unity candle to symbolise their bond as a secure and loving family and a newly married couple may wish to light a candle together to represent their undivided union.

These grains of sand have been combined and cannot be separated.....

The different colours of sand symbolise the individuals in the relationship, whether that be a couple or a merging family.  As the individual grains of sand merge together, they symbolise that the newly formed partnership or family can never be separated as the grains of sand cannot now be separated.

Join hands and leap into the unknown.....

An old marriage tradition, the act of jumping the broom symbolises a new beginning and a sweeping away of the past as the couple take a joint 'leap of faith' in to the unknown future; it can also signify the joining of two families.

Shall we tie the knot ?....

Taken from the traditional Celtic ritual of handfasting, the joining of hands symbolises the binding of a couples' future together.  Just as their hands are bound, so their hearts are joined forever in a never-failing bond.

Warm these rings with your love and wishes.....

Before the couple exchanges their rings, they may be passed around the guests so that they can endow their love and best wishes on to these precious symbols of unity.

Our roots are firmly planted......

A tree planting or any special plant, can be used to symbolise the growth of a marriage, family or child.  The roots will hold firm, as will the love of the family, no matter what the world throws at it.

These are just a few of the symbolic actions that can be used in ceremonies.  There are many more and perhaps you have your own tradition that you'd like to incorporate in to your ceremony?  

I am here to listen to your idea​s and will do everything I can to incorporate them into your unique ceremony.  This is your special day and it will be a privilege to celebrate with you.

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