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The Olive Tree

Genuine worth belongs to thee; and Peace and Wisdom..

Powers divine, shall plant thee round the holy shrine

Extract from Ode to the Olive Tree by Charlotte Smith

Photograph by Dimitris Panagiotidis

Why an olive tree....

My love for olive trees began many years ago on the island of Crete and became truly cemented in my heart when I was lucky enough to live in Athens.  

Olive trees are evergreen and can live for hundreds (if not thousands) of years. The older they are, the more gnarled and intertwined they become - and the more beautiful they appear.  

Symbolism of the olive tree....

I chose the olive tree as my logo as it is a symbol of many things - peace, friendshipwisdom, fertility, prosperity and success, all things that I wish for my clients, family, friends and myself.

After Athena gifted the olive tree to the ancient Greeks, it became revered as a food source, a fuel provider, and a shade giver.  

So, as you can see, the olive tree has many meanings and, is still a perfect symbol for our present day hopes and dreams.

Photograph by Dimitris Panagiotidis