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Welcoming Ceremonies​

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Welcoming or Naming Ceremonies

Whether you are marking the birth of a new baby and announcing their name to your family and friends, welcoming an adopted child(ren) or stepchild(ren) into your family or formally naming an older child, Welcoming or Naming Ceremonies are a fabulous way to celebrate.

A Naming or Welcoming Ceremony is a celebration of you and your family. It allows you to share your love and commitment to your children with your friends and family, and it can be as formal or informal as you.

You may like to nominate supporting adults who will take a special interest in the upbringing of your children. You can also include religious readings and symbolic actions such as planting a tree, creating a time capsule or lighting a unity candle.

Your perfect celebration

A Welcoming Ceremony does not involve any legalities; therefore, your celebration can be exactly as you wish:

* Use any venue, indoor or outdoor - no licence required

* Include any content that is personal to you

* Be as traditional or as unconventional as you like

* Choose the music you love

* Include a symbolic action such as burying a time capsule to be opened on your child’s coming of age

* Include your guests in the ceremony, they could read a poem or sing a song

Naming Ceremony Northampton

Do you have lots of thoughts running around your head about your Welcoming Ceremony?

I am here to listen to your likes and dislikes and will create a ceremony that is truly personal to you.  I can weave in your ideas, your own words, and your music choices.  This is your special day, and it will be a privilege to celebrate with you.

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